donderdag 5 april 2012

Minecraft Blog #7 - Blaze Farm

In the last blog someone asked me if training to level 50 is hard. Well not hard at all it takes an hour or so to get to level 50. Normally that would be very boring but on this server we have McMMO installed which adds all new kinds of skills. Including combat skills. This allows you to farm for minecraft exp and McMMO exp at the same time. Currently the axe combat skill is the strongest, which allows you to hit for 16 hearts at level 1000. Which means insta-kill.
Here's a picture of the blaze farm.

We also started building this massive wall around our town the gate I built is going away. This goes for alot buildings. More about this in the next blog.

- Flab

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I've never played minecraft before, but so this comes as a surprise to me. When did they mod it to allow mmo stuff?

    1. Me neither , but it sounds awesom

  2. It's a plugin which you can install it's not an official mojang product.

  3. minecraft mmo sounds way too addicting ahaha

  4. thanks for posting this guide flab. I've set up skeleton and zombie farms but never was able to figure out a way to set up blaze farms. It lags the hell out of my computer though haha.