woensdag 4 april 2012

Minecraft Blog #6 - Farm

Today I rearranged the farm in our town the previous one was kind of in the way and with the old depot gone we have enough unused space near it. So we decided to move it and make it grain only the melons and pumpkins weren´t very resourceful. At least now we will have enough food for some time.
I´m still thinking of expanding it a little bit but I will have to see if it even gets that far.

I also wanted to talk a little bit about my skills and what I want to improve more.
Currently I´m #1 in the server.

I don´t mind getting a low level but I really do want to have a skill which I can benefit alot from. I was thinking about repair skill with this I can repair a pickaxe for 2 of it´s resources meaning  
I spaw a diamond on every diamond pickaxe when I repair it, this skill keeps getting better. At a higher level you can preserve the enchantments on it. So this way you can grind to lvl 50 a few times and put all the enchantments on 1 tool and let me repait it to maintain these enchantments. This would be one of the most beneficial skills. So I´m really thinkin about it.
I let you guys/girls know more later.

- Flab

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I love Minecraft too. It is crazy fun.


  2. Cool how long does it take to get level 50 now not played it since the levels came out lol

  3. I miss minecraft.... i need to start playing again!

  4. I know how to make fully automated farms with the use of bud switches :3

    1. Nice nice except in this server you get expoints by manually harvesting them so an automated one would not be good for me :(