dinsdag 3 april 2012

Minecraft Blog #3 - The Vault

So this past weekend I was working on a project namely The Vault. Our previous storage room was getting too smal for our town. Four people mining gives some resources ;).
I was tasked with building the vault. At the beginning I didn't really have a concept or an idea as what I wanted to build so I started to freestyle a bit. Adding section by section it turned out really nicely.
For the roof I integrated a nice pattern of glowstone block to lighten it up a little bit.
The entrance shown on the left side of the building is a 2x2 door with sticky pistons and is activated by pressure plates. I felt this kind of building had to have a sweet entrance. That's why I made it. We plan to do something with the front of the vault. The wall above the entrance is so plain and dull we decided to make some kind of logo in it, or even some art with glass. If you guys have any ideas please post em :).

On to the specs of the vault. It has 134 chests in total it exists of 2 levels of storage and 1 level of smelting and a minecart system. On the screen shots below you can see the chests, not all of them are in the screenshot some of the are behind walls.

After these rooms were completed we still needed a place to smelt all of our stuff so I though why not make another level and add something extra, which is how we came to the idea to build a minecart system.
The second level below ground looks like this at the moment.

And that pretty much includes everything in our vault in our town.
Hope you enjoyed the blog.


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  1. The crafting (?) room kinda looks like some kind of funeral home or mausoleum lmao

  2. i really have no clue how you guys come up with those stuff on minecraft lol

  3. Dude, i'm diggin this. One of the megastructures was kinda similar to that where it was a 10 floor fortress, each floor was 51x51 blocks. We have some extensions from the main body too, thing is massive, can house over 150 people and produces almost every basic element inside the fortress itself. Check it out of you're intereted in seeing it: http://youtu.be/FdYxlGBqXpQ

  4. got bored made you a banner lol http://i.imgur.com/J5zJ4.jpg