dinsdag 3 april 2012

Minecraft Blog #2 - The Golden Sheep

So as I mentioned before we had a huge golden sheep in our town. This is because we decided to go the lunatic way and become golden sheep worshippers. We also use this as excuse to PvP people and take over their towns =D Here's a screenshot on the temple with our leader.

Hehe we wanted some more fun in the server that's the main reason we did this.
Also we make offerings to the sheep as well, all kinds of golden items.
Ingots, Apples, Nuggets, Armor, you name it. We have just taken roleplaying to another level.
Next blog I will be covering a past project namely my vault. Built whole by myself.
After that is a quick intro to a new project of me and a friend. The entrance to an underground city.


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