woensdag 11 april 2012

Minecraft Blog #15 - Defenses

In my previous blog I mentioned we need to build more defenses after this IS a pvp server. Me and my friend decided we needed a simple but effective defense. Well if it's one thing which is effective against everyone in minecraft it's lava. We are going to build a canal around our castle and fill it with lava. Width is going to be probably 4 blocks depth will be 2 blocks. This will provide us with some defense after this we might install dispenser with arrows or fire charges in the wall.

Each time I go into the nether to farm I bring 20 buckets lava to fill 'em up and bring back to base. Meanwhile my friend will dig the canal and start filling it up. Soon this will be ready.

I'm also reaching the 2k views milestone and decided to do some pixelart for this I'd like you to come up with something I make them in creative mode so everything goes.
Hope to see some cool entries!!

- Flab

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