woensdag 11 april 2012

Minecraft Blog #13 - Golden Sheep Gone?!

We decided to wipe most of the city since the completion of our badass new wall. This includes the redstone lightboard and the golden sheep temple =(
Anyways we decided to put down some more functional buildings and to come up with a nice defence system for our walls, after all we are not alone in this PvP server.
We still haven't come up with any effective ones.
However we did finish the gate so only we can enter and leave as we please.

I upgraded the texture pack I was using some blocks were malfunctioning.
Still grinding on blazes to max axes combat skill as soon as possible. I did a test hit yesterday on a friend of mine. I got 6.5 Hearts with 1 hit =O 
The skill hits half a heart extra each 50 levels so this will do some serious damage on lvl 1000.

Here's and updated screenshot of our city at the moment.

- Flab

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  1. There's always the typical redstone dispenser trick where you can make a barrage of arrows by simply pressing a button. The city a friend and mine are building right now gives us a monumental advantage as it's walled in and it's floating in the ocean.