maandag 9 april 2012

Minecraft Blog #12 - Progress

I made some progress with my axe combat skill today. It's already 250 =O long way to go.
I also had 50 levels of exp in minecraft so I wanted to enchant some gear. Unfortunately gravity got me and I died while returning to home. Ah well the minecraft exp wasn't that hard to get anyways.
Today I plan to reach either 275 or 300 with axe skill. I'm already seeing some improvements.
For more info on axe skill with the plugin McMMO check this link.
It's not completely up to date but hey the main thing are in there.
Here's a screenshot of me bashing some Blazes.\

Oh! I forgot to mention I switched to a new texture pack it's called SMP Revival.
Anyways I will keep you up to date on how my grinding is going.

- Flab

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