maandag 2 april 2012

Minecraft Blog #1 - Introduction

So here's the first part of my minecraft blog. I kinda wanted to start one a while back but never really got to it.
This blog will be about me and my friends playing on a server with certain plugins to enhance gameplay.

We already have quite a town so there won't be a complete blog from start to the end but I will begin somewhere in the middle.

The server we are playing on has the following plugins.
McMMO adds all kinds of skills like woodcutting mining etc. which you can level by doing those specified activities this makes mining and other skills much more fun and useful.

Towny is a plugin which allows you to claim areas which are then owned by you. In these areas you can control certain rules, like pvp, monsters spawning, etc.

We have our own town at the moment which is quite large.
For you Minecrafters out there. We have a nice farm an enchanting table a huge depot a portal which needs to be relocated soon >_<''' and a small animal farm. Also we made a giant golden sheep. I will explain this later.

Here is a screen shot of our town.

So anyways expect more blogs soon!!!

- Flab

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I've been playing on my friends technic pack server and holy crap there are SO many blocks, and the sounds are really great
    I'm just having a good time trying to figure it all out

  2. G..g..giant golden sheep? I haven't been playing Minecraft lately, but is this possible haha?

  3. Used to be big into MC, admin too. Just fell off..:(

  4. i've heard so much about this game but i never seem to get enough energy to play it!

  5. I wish the server I played added cool mods. It's pure vanilla ( i.e. it gets boring )