woensdag 11 april 2012

Minecraft Blog #15 - Defenses

In my previous blog I mentioned we need to build more defenses after this IS a pvp server. Me and my friend decided we needed a simple but effective defense. Well if it's one thing which is effective against everyone in minecraft it's lava. We are going to build a canal around our castle and fill it with lava. Width is going to be probably 4 blocks depth will be 2 blocks. This will provide us with some defense after this we might install dispenser with arrows or fire charges in the wall.

Each time I go into the nether to farm I bring 20 buckets lava to fill 'em up and bring back to base. Meanwhile my friend will dig the canal and start filling it up. Soon this will be ready.

I'm also reaching the 2k views milestone and decided to do some pixelart for this I'd like you to come up with something I make them in creative mode so everything goes.
Hope to see some cool entries!!

- Flab

Minecraft Blog #14 - Nether Portal Revised

In the process of rearranging our city we also decided we had to move the nether portal. We figured let's not just relocate it but let's add a cool feature to it. The final location turned out to be near the wall and with a cool redstone circuit which opens the 3x2 portal block by block. Here are two screenshots of the nether portal with the gate opened and clsoed.



We still have a lot of space left in our city so if any of you have a good idea for a building or a useful construction please let me know.
Currently we have:

  • Mine
  • Storage
  • Nether Portal
  • Farm

I nearly reached 2000 views so soon I'm making another pixelart this time it will be a little bigger.
Maybe I will recreate a cool video game character or something =D

- Flab

Minecraft Blog #13 - Golden Sheep Gone?!

We decided to wipe most of the city since the completion of our badass new wall. This includes the redstone lightboard and the golden sheep temple =(
Anyways we decided to put down some more functional buildings and to come up with a nice defence system for our walls, after all we are not alone in this PvP server.
We still haven't come up with any effective ones.
However we did finish the gate so only we can enter and leave as we please.

I upgraded the texture pack I was using some blocks were malfunctioning.
Still grinding on blazes to max axes combat skill as soon as possible. I did a test hit yesterday on a friend of mine. I got 6.5 Hearts with 1 hit =O 
The skill hits half a heart extra each 50 levels so this will do some serious damage on lvl 1000.

Here's and updated screenshot of our city at the moment.

- Flab

maandag 9 april 2012

Minecraft Blog #12 - Progress

I made some progress with my axe combat skill today. It's already 250 =O long way to go.
I also had 50 levels of exp in minecraft so I wanted to enchant some gear. Unfortunately gravity got me and I died while returning to home. Ah well the minecraft exp wasn't that hard to get anyways.
Today I plan to reach either 275 or 300 with axe skill. I'm already seeing some improvements.
For more info on axe skill with the plugin McMMO check this link.
It's not completely up to date but hey the main thing are in there.
Here's a screenshot of me bashing some Blazes.\

Oh! I forgot to mention I switched to a new texture pack it's called SMP Revival.
Anyways I will keep you up to date on how my grinding is going.

- Flab

zaterdag 7 april 2012

Minecraft Blog #11 - Leveling

I talked a little about the skills available in the plugin we have on the server last time. Recently I started leveling my axe skill (combat). I'm trying to do 25 or so levels each time I get online, this way I will reach lvl 1000 pretty rapidly. Level 1000 is god mode basicly. I made a mistake in my calculations but on lvl 1000 with axe you hit 21 hearts damage. Which IS instakill with most armors.
I don't have much plans for other skills at the moment axes is my main priority after that maybe a gathering skill like excavation (shovel). I don't have much related footage for this blog but I made a nice screenshot with a modded version of the minecraft client called Spoutcraft.
Here it is.

- Flab

Minecraft Blog #10 - 1000 Views!!

WOOHOO I finally got 1000 views on my blogger =D
Thanks guys and girls.
I made this little redstone lightboard to remember my 1000 view milestone.
I also made a little diamond pixelart. I don't do pixelart alot so it might seem a little noobish anyways thanks alot guys.

The Diamond Pixelart

The Redstone Lightboard

Switched Off

Switched On

- Flab

vrijdag 6 april 2012

Minecraft Blog #9 - Construction

The construction of the wall is nearly done we've got the main outlines done and some exterior finished.
At the moment we are still designing the inner parts of the wall and how we are going to arrange the town inside the walls. Here are some pictures

The gate and some exterior work.

A chamber in the wall itself. (One of many and they all need remodelling.)

The town within the walls except it's not arranged properly yet.

Next up in my blog.
A 1000 view appreciation pixel art =D I still haven't decided what to make but I'll improvise some stuff.

- Flab

donderdag 5 april 2012

Minecraft Blog #8 - Update Construction

Yesterday and today the construction of the wall was started. A friend of mine did most of the building. I mainly provided him with materials and did smaller tasks. The wall is starting to turn out nicely, it's getting quite big. We plan to let other residents live in the lower part of the walls. This way we can use the space inside the castle for useful things like farm and mines etc.

Here is a picture of some building that will be removed to make place for the wall.

Tomorrow I will show some of the rooms we are going to make available to other residents and the exterior of the wall, also by this time some buildings have been removed and will be replaced with more functional buildings. If you guys have any ideas for nice buildings submit them in the comments.

On an other note I soon have 1000 page views =D. 

So I am making a nice pixelart to show to you guys. Should I make it 2D or 3D =O?

- Flab

Minecraft Blog #7 - Blaze Farm

In the last blog someone asked me if training to level 50 is hard. Well not hard at all it takes an hour or so to get to level 50. Normally that would be very boring but on this server we have McMMO installed which adds all new kinds of skills. Including combat skills. This allows you to farm for minecraft exp and McMMO exp at the same time. Currently the axe combat skill is the strongest, which allows you to hit for 16 hearts at level 1000. Which means insta-kill.
Here's a picture of the blaze farm.

We also started building this massive wall around our town the gate I built is going away. This goes for alot buildings. More about this in the next blog.

- Flab

woensdag 4 april 2012

Minecraft Blog #6 - Farm

Today I rearranged the farm in our town the previous one was kind of in the way and with the old depot gone we have enough unused space near it. So we decided to move it and make it grain only the melons and pumpkins weren´t very resourceful. At least now we will have enough food for some time.
I´m still thinking of expanding it a little bit but I will have to see if it even gets that far.

I also wanted to talk a little bit about my skills and what I want to improve more.
Currently I´m #1 in the server.

I don´t mind getting a low level but I really do want to have a skill which I can benefit alot from. I was thinking about repair skill with this I can repair a pickaxe for 2 of it´s resources meaning  
I spaw a diamond on every diamond pickaxe when I repair it, this skill keeps getting better. At a higher level you can preserve the enchantments on it. So this way you can grind to lvl 50 a few times and put all the enchantments on 1 tool and let me repait it to maintain these enchantments. This would be one of the most beneficial skills. So I´m really thinkin about it.
I let you guys/girls know more later.

- Flab

Minecraft Blog #5 - Ender Dragon Defeated?

Today while I was playing on the server I got word the Enderdragon was defeated by another village it seemed they claimed the Enderegg as well. I talked to the mayor of the town which has slain the Ender Dragon if I could take a screenshot for my blog. And I could! So here is a screenshot of the temple they built for the Ender Egg.

It turned out really nicely. That's all for this blog. I will do an update about our excavation for our undedground city soon. Also I did some re-arranging so now our old farm has moved and we made it grain only. Also I'm planning to make some sort of planning for my skills. More about that later.

- Flab

dinsdag 3 april 2012

Minecraft Blog #4 - The Entrance

Todat we started working on the entrance I mentioned in my blog earlier.
It turned out really nice it's a 4x4 door with sticky pistons. I did all the redstone wiring after that 2 friends helped me with the restyling of the material it was made of.

The Entrance Open

The Entrance Closed
Btw that's my friend he's the mayor of our town.

So that's it for the entrance guys. We will be working on the hallway / shaft down towards bedrock or a little higher.
I will make a blog when that one is finished to update you on the proces. Meanwhile I might do another Game Review or make some random blogs about the other parts of our town.

- Flab

Minecraft Blog #3 - The Vault

So this past weekend I was working on a project namely The Vault. Our previous storage room was getting too smal for our town. Four people mining gives some resources ;).
I was tasked with building the vault. At the beginning I didn't really have a concept or an idea as what I wanted to build so I started to freestyle a bit. Adding section by section it turned out really nicely.
For the roof I integrated a nice pattern of glowstone block to lighten it up a little bit.
The entrance shown on the left side of the building is a 2x2 door with sticky pistons and is activated by pressure plates. I felt this kind of building had to have a sweet entrance. That's why I made it. We plan to do something with the front of the vault. The wall above the entrance is so plain and dull we decided to make some kind of logo in it, or even some art with glass. If you guys have any ideas please post em :).

On to the specs of the vault. It has 134 chests in total it exists of 2 levels of storage and 1 level of smelting and a minecart system. On the screen shots below you can see the chests, not all of them are in the screenshot some of the are behind walls.

After these rooms were completed we still needed a place to smelt all of our stuff so I though why not make another level and add something extra, which is how we came to the idea to build a minecart system.
The second level below ground looks like this at the moment.

And that pretty much includes everything in our vault in our town.
Hope you enjoyed the blog.


Minecraft Blog #2 - The Golden Sheep

So as I mentioned before we had a huge golden sheep in our town. This is because we decided to go the lunatic way and become golden sheep worshippers. We also use this as excuse to PvP people and take over their towns =D Here's a screenshot on the temple with our leader.

Hehe we wanted some more fun in the server that's the main reason we did this.
Also we make offerings to the sheep as well, all kinds of golden items.
Ingots, Apples, Nuggets, Armor, you name it. We have just taken roleplaying to another level.
Next blog I will be covering a past project namely my vault. Built whole by myself.
After that is a quick intro to a new project of me and a friend. The entrance to an underground city.


maandag 2 april 2012

Minecraft Blog #1 - Introduction

So here's the first part of my minecraft blog. I kinda wanted to start one a while back but never really got to it.
This blog will be about me and my friends playing on a server with certain plugins to enhance gameplay.

We already have quite a town so there won't be a complete blog from start to the end but I will begin somewhere in the middle.

The server we are playing on has the following plugins.
McMMO adds all kinds of skills like woodcutting mining etc. which you can level by doing those specified activities this makes mining and other skills much more fun and useful.

Towny is a plugin which allows you to claim areas which are then owned by you. In these areas you can control certain rules, like pvp, monsters spawning, etc.

We have our own town at the moment which is quite large.
For you Minecrafters out there. We have a nice farm an enchanting table a huge depot a portal which needs to be relocated soon >_<''' and a small animal farm. Also we made a giant golden sheep. I will explain this later.

Here is a screen shot of our town.

So anyways expect more blogs soon!!!

- Flab