donderdag 29 maart 2012

Sonic Generations

Sonic Generations

This is my gamereview for Sonic Generations I will be covering some gameplay, impressions and features about this game.

In Sonic Generations (SG) Sonic finds himself abducted by an anomaly who can shred through time and causing distortions. This causes Sonic to land in a white room which fills itself with stages of previous games.
Here he meets up with his past, Classic Sonic. While playing Classic Sonic (CS) you play the old school sonic,
Namely 2d platforming. The graphics have had a huge upgrade so this makes playing 2D quite exciting aswell.

Then you have Modern Sonic (MS), MS is high speed 3D/2D gaming the stages switch from mode and speed.
Some cool new features have been added to this game, for example MS now has Boost which is acquired by collecting rings, killing enemies and doing stunts. Boost is MS's main ability.

The game starts of slow you begin with playing CS on green hill. Baffled by the nice graphics I finish it in no time. After this the ball starts rolling. You see a cutscene in which your friends get kidnapped by the anomaly mentioned above. After this exhilerating cutscene. You play as MS on green hill. OH MY GOD. Immeadiately charged into the stage with high speed. Not even 2 seconds and I'm running as fast as I can. Boost, Grind, Jump, Slide. Unbelievable, I loved every Sonic game out there. Although Unleashed was a bit of a letdown. This made it all up. This game contains the high speed gameplay you would expect of a modern sonic game.
Look at Sonic Adventure Battle 2. Stages made in a way so you don't have strange camera angles like in Sonic Adventure. SG was fresh, new and exciting.

The storyline is short but well put together. You get some nice cutscenes which are enjoyable to watch.
The ending could have been better in my opinion, but that's just me I guess.
Overall this game has it and they did well for a 20-year anniversary game.

Score 8.2/10

- Flab

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  1. you should make live commentaries :P

  2. i look forward to your new content. nice write bro

  3. i love sonic!! ever since i was really young back in the genesis days :P